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i saw a DOUBLE RAINBOW the other day omg (it’s hard to spot BUT IT’S THERE)

“Okay I'm super sorry for reblogging many of your things at once! It's just you are really awesome and I've just discovered your art! Sorry! (You are super inspiring though holy crap!~)”


BRUH. no need to apologise!! you are very sweet thank u ~//o//~ <3 i’m glad you like my art hehe 

“can i ask what brush settings you use”


they’re in the FAQ! ;D check there for all the sick deets bruh

step-by-step eye painting process! i’m no so good at explaining with words so hopefully this helps ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

they’re all happy about finally being the same size ;v;

(help i really love hopeless and heartless)

when ur an empath and u can tell ur cute pixie boyfriend completely trusts you to keep him safe while he goes nap nap and ur like omg…

anyway Hopeless and Heartless is great and u should maybe give it a read

ohana means put on the matching fucking outfit bro


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